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Founded in 2009, IJOPEC Publishing is one of the leading academic publishers. With branch offices in İstanbul and London, we publish more than 40 books and 2 journals a year in the diverse fields of social sciences. Our mission is to develop the highest quality of knowledge-based products and services for the academic, research and [...]


As one of the scientific publisher in United Kingdom and Turkey, strategically headquartered in London and İstanbul, we offer you the best reach to both the Western and Eastern markets. IJOPEC is the member / partner of Publishers Associations for exclusive worldwide distribution. Our Foreign Rights Unit aggressively promotes our books to publishers around the [...]


To guide our editorial policy and direction, IJOPEC has the support of an International Advisory Board comprising renowned academics from various fields, of which Nobel laureates and directors of distinguished universities, research institutes and organizations are among them. The company is also staffed with a team of dynamic Acquisition Editors, all of them whom are [...]


The ethical policy of IJOPEC Publication follows the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (http://www.esf.org/activities/mo-fora/research-integrity.html). Authors must be honest in presenting their results and conclusions of their research. Research misconduct is harmful for knowledge. It could mislead other researchers. Plagiarism Reproducing text from other papers without properly crediting the source (plagiarism) or producing many [...]


We are committed to prompt evaluation and publication of fully accepted papers in all World Scientific publications. To maintain a high-quality publication, all submissions undergo a rigorous review process. Characteristics of the peer review process are as follows: Simultaneous submissions of the same manuscript to different journals will not be tolerated. Manuscripts with contents outside [...]


Through state-of-the-art digital print-on-demand (POD) technology we can offer our authors both hardcover and paperback books. We can also make your work available as an E-book. Print Formats: Hardcover Publishing Softcover Publishing Book Binding Electronic Formats: Digital Formatting and Distribution (eBook)


Submitted papers as chapters for the edited books for IJOPEC Publications should be unpublished work and not submitted for publication elsewhere. Papers for the edited books that will be published by IJOPEC Publications should be in MS Office Word format and submitted by email to info@ijopec.co.uk As a contributor to IJOPEC Publications, you are expected [...]

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